Curious about the requirements of landing a junior web developer job

Hi guys. I’ve finally returned to the fray of freeCodeCamp after some time of not practicing HTML/CSS and JavaScript due to school and work for the past year now. I’m looking to land a junior web developer some time next year and I was curious to know about the overall requirements of landing a position. And if a year is too short of a time let me know as well. Thanks :grinning:

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Hey @JayX97, unfortunately there’s no set answer to your questions.

Requirements for a job may vary drastically between each job posting, as well as there’s no set time frame for when it’s possible to land a job.
It all boils down to the market area you are in/looking to get employed.

My suggestion is to then start looking at some job openings that you find it interesting, and move it from there.

Also remember that the job posting generally describe the ideal candidate, but it’s not a check list of must-have. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t match 100% and always think if you can add value to the job proposed, and if so make it sure to make it clear.

Good luck and happy coding :sparkles:


I agree with what @Marmiz has said.

As said, there is not set timeline. I will say that this may be a little fast. Possible? Yes. Probable? Probably not. But it will depend on how fast you work and learn. It’s possible, but definitely have a plan if you still don’t have that job at that point.


Appreciate the feedback. Thank you :slight_smile:

Appreciate the feedback. I’ll give it a little more time then

I’ll keep all of this in mind. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

In software development, like in any other skilled role in any industry/sector, the vast majority of developer jobs aren’t for juniors. By juniors, I mean people who don’t yet have the skills to be handed some work with the expectation that they’ll be productive. Also “junior” as a job title could mean anything, for example “not senior”: it could be someone with years of experience!

A person attempting to enter the workforce as a programmer has an advantage over, say, someone trying to enter accounting or medicine or law. There isn’t the same level of gatekeeping. What is important is that someone is good at programming. If they can prove that, then they have a good chance of getting hired. They don’t have to have a specific degree or a specific set of qualifications.

An easy way to guess if someone is good enough is if they have some years experience. But if you can demonstrate you know what you’re doing, it is demonstrably feasible that you can get hired without years of previous work, and there isn’t a specific timescale there. It will probably not be easy to get that first job, and involve a helluva lot of effort and disheartening knockbacks (though once you do get that first role, it becomes a lot easier going forward).

Do those three FCC certs so you appreciate the problems you’re likely to face from a variety of different angles. That’s going to give you a good basis. And you’ll want to look beyond FCC as well, fill in gaps, investigate everything, make sure you have a rounded understanding.



I suggest to check Find the best startup jobs and remote jobs curated by Y Combinator. | Y Combinator and see JDs

  • Later goto their LNKD page and get connected with founders
  • Companies will be happy to hire junior if s/he knows atleast 50% of JD tech & is willing to learn new things and showcase projects done on GH on her/his own
  • Hiring Jr. dev will save their money and keep them going longer before raising funds or become cash positive.

Recently Dice survey has shown that in US it takes min 30 - 45 days to get right candidate so if you’re in US, then there is gold rush going on for software developers.

I hope I’ve clarified most of your doubts.



Appreciate the tips. I’ll definitely take your word for it :slight_smile:

Will definitely check this out. Thank you :slight_smile:

Just saw below JD from webflow

If you don’t meet 100% of the above qualifications, you should still seriously consider applying . Studies show that you can still be considered for a role if you meet just 50% of the role’s requirements.

Hey !

Just thought i would share my experience here too. I landed a job as a develper even before starting my “education” to becoming one. I am one of the very lucky few who had this oppertunity and will always be eternily grateful for the company who did this for me but to be honest after working as a junior now for 2 years i would say its very difficult to define what someone needs to get a job.
In my field i would say if you had a good understanding of React / typesceript, javascript, Node, Html and css you are well on your way. Also i cant stress enough …work on your own projects ! i made a todo app like 12 times which taught me JS , react and typescript super fast as it was so enveloped in my brain so it was pretty easy to just google differences between the frameworks.

Good luck! its a tought journey but once your in,…your in for life ! :smiley:


Here’s a post on this topic

Cheers :slight_smile:

Don’t Worry, Just Keep Learning! (and here’s what I do)

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Thank you for sharing your experience!

Thank you for sharing this thread!

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