What does it really take to get a web development job?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering, how good do you really need to be to be taken seriously for a web development position? I’m about to graduate with a Computer Science degree but I still feel incompetent. I feel like I have to be able to build entire websites and web apps by myself and i’m just not at the level.

Sure, i’ve gotten pretty far in the front end certificate here at Free Code Camp (about 6 problems into the intermediate scripting challenges) and made some nice apps but compared to things businesses use, I feel like they’re not really close to that level.

I’ve learned mostly C++ in school for my CS degree, so I feel like when I apply for web dev jobs it won’t be very useful. Do I need to be able to thoroughly understand every single aspect of HTML, CSS, and JS to even stand a chance? Or is there some on-the-job learning as well?

So I guess what i’m asking is:
Can I get a web development job even if i’m only around an intermediate-level programmer in HTML, CSS, and JS?


There are a few other topics around here asking the same question. Junior developer positions can be pretty lax with their requirements. The answer is generally that it’s more important to demonstrate that you’re a problem-solver with a good attitude than to have a wealth of technical qualifications. You’ll have on-the-job training no matter where you start.

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Thanks for the responses guys!

I’ve always been worried in most aspects of my life that I wasn’t “good enough” but I am very confident that I have a good attitude and always try my best on whatever problem i’m working on! I also really like working in teams :slight_smile:

This was a great confidence boost!