Job interviews: typical questions and challenges?

To anyone that has actually gone through a coding interview for a front-end job: what is generally evaluated and how? I keep reading mixed reports on the web (some make emphasis on algorithms, some say they don´t matter that much, etc) so feedback from actual real human beings would be nice.

No such thing as typical. It’s entirely dependent on the company, your interviewer and your resume.

I once interviewed for the same job as a friend and when we compared notes, we had completely different experiences. I had a take home assignment coding a front-end app, he had 2 algorithm whiteboard questions

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The larger the company (in terms of # of people at the company) … generally the more conservative they are with their interviewing process and the more academic it gets (algorithms, harder challenges etc)

If you are interviewing for a smaller company the more likely its just a smaller take home assignment that has more to do with the job you will be doing for them (i.e. they look for competency of skill and not competency of knowing bigger picture things).

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