Front end developer Interview Q's at Big Tech Companies?

Obviously besides being asked on questions related with Front-end and UI, do they also ask deep algorithms questions such as ones found on LeetCode medium/hard difficulty?

Would anyone on this forum know? Trying to prioritize and distribute my prep time wisely.

Thank you in advance!


It varies significantly from company to company and even the kind of interview. My experience interviewing on-site with Amazon was very different from my friend interviewing remotely with Amazon.

There is no set conventions I don’t think. It’s up to your interviewer to decide what’s important, so it’s possible, but not certain.

Apple is the only reference I have. It was a junior dev position. I had mostly framework, CSS, ES6 question and web technologies questions like Explaining Http and HTTPS, security and a take home project which is building a calculator. My friend interviewed for the same position had a string type algorithm question, an search tree algorithm problem and general JavaScript concepts.

Thanks for the replies.

I guess I should at least be familiar with most widely questioned Datastructures like Linkedlist, binary trees, etc… when it comes down to algorithms.

The main advice I would give if you’re expecting to interview with a high-profile company is to be prepared for them to deliberately make it stressful. You are more likely to encounter people being antagonistic or assigning you unsolvable tasks.

That makes sense, thanks for the tip :wink:

Edit: Actually just found some good resources so I thought I’d share with folks who read this thread as well.

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