Front End developer -> Data structures and Algorithm?

Is it necessary to learn Data Structures and Algorithm specifically for Front End Web Developement???

Yes. Because they do come up in frontend and because they reinforce your JS knowledge and improve your “coder brain”. They also come up a lot on interviews.

That being said, I can understand that it might get tedious, crunching out all those algorithms. Don’t worry, it doesn’t go on forever. And it’s OK if you don’t understand them perfectly. Just power through it - there will be time as a developer that you have to work on something that isn’t “fun”.


Thank You Kevin, I think That’s the only Main Criteria for Clearing the Interviews.

No, there are others. And I think algorithms maybe get too much emphasis. Most of us don’t need advanced algorithms for what we do. But they are easier to teach than some abstract concepts so they get emphasis. And they are easy to test in interviews. And they impress people. And it’s a chance to watch you code under pressure. And training on difficult algorithms is a good way to strengthen your coder brain - you don’t get big muscles by lifting small weights.

So, they’re important, but I don’t think they are the most important thing. But they still are important. And they’re probably more important than most beginners assume. I haven’t used a lot of “advanced” algorithms professionally, but when I’ve had to, they’ve been life savers. And just in general, the way of thinking you get from doing algorithms in general is very important.

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Looks like algorithms and Data structures is more important than just learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Frameworks.
I haven’t reach there in FreeCodeCamp Curriculum, but definitely will learn by Heart.
Thank You Kevin Once Again.

“Learn by heart” to me implies that you would be memorizing these. Don’t. Just work them and they will slowly improve your coder brain. Some of them you won’t understand 100%. Some of them will be a struggle. Just get through it. It will be difficult at times. But to some extent this is just a taste and working on algorithms is kind of a lifetime learning opportunity. And they eventually get easier.


I will definitely understand them, programming is no copy paste thing.
Definitely it will take some time for non-IT student like me, but conquer the Algorithms and Data Structures.
Thanks Kevin for this Great Advice.

i actually enjoyed the intermediate algorithms section . the im really glad i didnt skim that section . because the frontend/react seciton is really killing me. but the critical thinking i learned from the algorithm section is helping me get through it. id also suggest visiting code wars just to keep reinforcing your knowledge of algorithms. because without continuous practice on coding , you will forget

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Thank You Fred, I will look into CodeWars and practice it.

Yes. Every function that you write is an algorithm. Every piece of information that you need is in a data structure. “Data structures and algorithms” in programming is like saying “words and sentences”; it’s foundational


Thank you Ariel, I will definitely practice it.

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