Do I need to learn Data structure and Algorithm for front-end position

I know DS&A are important for tech interview and also in the coding round. I 'm not sure how this is useful in front-end position. The thing is i’ve not done much in ds&a. Earlier I started solving the question on hacker rank (in C language). Should I focus more on learning front-end technology or learning problem solving (which is important for interview and also for coding round).

Knowing algorithms and data structures is same across languages except some specifics. Example: C doesn’t have classes but some other languages do(c++, c#, php …). Algo’s also, only thing that differs is languages i/o f that into programs that utilizes said algo.

I use data structures and algorithms all the time on FE - all the time.

Do you need to know those exact algos? Maybe not. I look at it this way: In soccer, they always had us doing jumping jacks. Has anyone ever won a game doing a jumping jack? Of course not. But they make you stronger and a better player. Think of algos like that. And maybe some of them are more complex than you think you need (though I think you are underestimating the need), we make our muscles stronger by lifting progressively heavier weights. That makes you stronger and more easily able to handle the lighter stuff.

In the end, it depends on the job.

I never had to use more than the Primitives, Arrays and Objects in Javascript.
Most of the time, you have a Backend Guy, who knows more about the advanced Data Structures.

It is nice to know how and when to use Stack, Queue, Linked List etc.,
most likely you will use it very rarely.

I’m a front end developer, and you definitely need those skills to do my job.