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Learning Front end development is easier as compared to learning DSA and Back end programming ? How much DSA you must know for Front End Developer?



No, it isn’t.

  • Plenty of frameworks to choose from with constant updates
  • the everlasting struggle with making everything work on all screen sizes
  • CSS having its own mind
  • the battle for seconds and fast first paint load times
  • just to name a few

I don’t know how reliable the source is, but I read a statistic this weekend that you can lose up to 10% of your users if your first load takes longer than 2 seconds. I do believe in very short attention spans.

You have to remind designers and owners of that when they want 10 flashy gifs on the front page. Writing a headless CMS for the backend is like a holiday sometimes.

I love web design and frontend develpment so I’m willing to take all of the above.

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I am not doing well with DSA , I am failing to learn and it is making me think that it’s not my cup of tea . Will I face the same issues with front end development?

You can become a successful frontend dev without having ever solved DSAs.

You might need DS & A for interviews and they will help your analytical skills,
don’t give them up. Especially knowing data structures will help you and your future teams.

You can however make everything work in an app without code challenges.
If you are willing to take the downsides that I mentioned, give it a try.

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For now I am just trying to understand the basics of DSA . From tomorrow I have Front End Development Classes so I will Focus on that . Any suggestions/advice to learn Front End Development from your experience .

Data structures and algorithms are just as necessary in frontend development as in backend development. Programming is the use of algorithms to manipulate data structures.

DSA (Data Structures and Algorithms) is just a fancy way of saying “programming”.

We put stuff into Data Structures and manipulate that stuff with Algorithms…

Now, don’t mix up DSA and Leetcode. Leetcode is a specific type of DSA practice problems. DSA is much bigger and more important than Leetcode.


I think people worry too much about DSA. In 5 years as a professional programmer, I’ve only had to do a few non-trivial algorithms. Of course, there are some jobs that will use a lot of them.

That being said, they are really good for your coder brain and they show up on interviews. And when you need one, it will save your life.

But don’t get frustrated, a lot of people struggle with them, even good coders. They are just one part of coding. And it can take a while to really get the hang of them. One thing I don’t like is that FCC slams you with a whole bunch all at once. Think of them as more as a long term project. I’d just do a couple each week. After you solve one go online and see how others solved it. After a while you’ll developer a spidey sense for them. It just takes practice. Don’t freak out about it.


Thank you I will try that.


Nothing is easy in the life, you need to keep solving problem/s each day.

If you’re learning Front End development for now don’t worry about Data Structures and Algorithms; follow below path to get your 1st internship / jr engineer role

  1. Learn HTML and CSS ( without any other related fancy stuff like SCSS etc )-> build projects
  2. Learn JS → build projects
  3. Learn React / other JS framework as per market need → build projects
  4. You can use JS knowledge in backend as well with node.js framework ( to apply as full stack developer )

Check out JD of front end dev on

Also don’t worry about writing perfect code as nobody in this world can do the same. Not even twitter engineer who is there for more than 1 decade. Check out threads of some of fired twitter engineers who were maintaining it for more than 10 years, even their code had flaws.

Some teams in Netflix re-write backend services every couple of years. Thus no code is perfect nor permanent.

All the very best with your front end journey.

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There are non coding but technical support roles which are critical for any company. These kinds of role do need good technical and product knowledge.

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Thank you for your efforts to help me . I am ready to take efforts and learn but I don’t where I am lacking and I can’t recall what I study now I feel like I am lost in my career path.

How old are you ? What’s your education background ? What’s your goals for next 5 / 10 years ?

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I am 28 and Microbiologist by profession , recently left my job and got enrolled in boot camp to learn full stack development . Now I am literally struggling with data structures, algorithm and need help with solving some questions . My Goal is to be a good front End developer but don’t know how much time it will take . I need guidance with my future planning and current learning.

The book Cracking the Coding Interview is a good resource, too. A lot of the book is talking about various algorithm challenges with solutions and explanations. They just take practice. They seem impossibly magical until one day they start to click. If you search “javascript algorithm” on youtube you’ll find a lot of resources, too.


Bootcamp’s pace can be sometimes really hard to follow.

I was in similar situation in 2002; coming from Mechanical engineering background into IT. I remember hell 6 months of my life; it was like city person is left alone in Amazon forest to survive forever on his / her own.

For now just forget about DSA and follow steps which I mentioned earlier to build your confidence into next level. Once you have built project + confidence; you can revisit DSA which won’t be as scarier as today.

All the very best.


Exactly !! I am even lagging far behind with the pace of boot camp. They have already completed DSA and I am still struggling with the basics . Yes it does feel like I am lost and I am on wrong path but I need to work until I get out of it .Thank you for the advice and suggestions that will really help me . I am glad there are people like you who are helping to get me on the right path. Keep helping :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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