Study Buddy for Java , CSS and JS

How can I find study buddy who would like to study, learn, or discuss certain common topics of Java, HTML, CSS, and JS together?

Which community do you use? discord? twitter?

Why are you learning Java ?

Which career path are you planning to choose ?

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I am enrolled in a bootcamp that is 1 year long as a full stack developer and has covered DSA in Java in 6 months. Later, they taught HTML, CSS, and now JS fundamentals (the ongoing topic is JS functions). I want to be a front-end developer, but I have been told that without knowing proper DSA, my chances of getting hired as a front-end developer are much lower. Earlier, I was working, so I couldn’t give much time and missed most of my Java lessons in bootcamp. Now that I have left my job to study full time, I am getting confused on where I should focus because in 3 months, the bootcamp will arrange interviews for placements. My current situation is that I know algorithms in Java basics (sorting and searching), little of OOP, and am still struggling with problem-solving. I am well-versed in HTML and CSS. Do you have any suggestions that can help me properly manage my studies so that in 3 months I can face my interviews?

  1. Forget about Java and DSA till you get job, just forget
  2. Concentrate on HTML + CSS + build projects & upload to GitHub ( Frontend Mentor )
  3. Concentrate on JS + build projects & upload to GitHub ( Frontend Mentor )
  4. Learn React + build some really cool portfolio projects & upload to GitHub

Apply for internship / job and you will get it; if you would have followed above steps religiously ( just like I did & got job )

Again Forget about Java and DSA, if you don’t believe check out JD on stackoverflow, linkedin and other popular job sites.

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I might not suggest you forget about DSA but you definitely don’t need to use java to learn it. I think I would agree that having some DSA background will definitely help with finding a job as they love to throw those types of questions/problems into the interview process.


Sure, I will now focus more on HTML, CSS, and JS. You have helped me properly plan my study. Thanks a lot.

Yes, I am familiar with the basics of DSA; if that will help me with the interview, that’s a plus. But I will focus more on HTML, CSS, and JS to master this skill set required to be a front-end developer. Thanks a lot for commenting on my post.

Search in YT “javascript data structures and algorithms” and learn more about it only after you’re confident building projects on your own.

Initial stage, keep as few problems to tackle as possible; once you’ve enough confidence take on bigger challenges like DSA

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Your help means a lot to me. Thank you for showing me direction.

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