Should I learn Java and do Leetcode questions or continue studying web dev?

I was hesitant to ask this but its better to get my problems out rather than sit and worry about it


  • I have a masters degree in computer science (no specialisation as such) and just graduated in november 2023

  • usually, every year there are job placements in collaboration with my college but since its 2024 with the terrible economy, there were just a handful of big ones with tough interviews

  • other than getting any interviews, the biggest block for me is the data-structure & algorithm (DSA) questions which are asked in interviews which I have 0 experience with (but can learn)


  • There’s growing pressure to get any software engineering job

  • But theres so many jobs here that mainly ask DSA questions instead of focusing on skills & projects (both of which are lacking for me)

  • I just want to avoid DSA as much as I can so I can focus on what I am interested in learning → front end web dev (before going full stack)

  • I dont want to work in a job I’m not interested in . I have worked with C# in a product company and didn’t like it so much. Front end feels better for me.

my plan so far:

  • to do the first 2 certs on FCC and then search for frontend jobs while going ahead with FCC curriculum

and again I want to avoid DSA as much as I can because I know there are companies that dont ask DSA