How can I manage my studies?

I am enrolled in a bootcamp that is 1 year long as a full stack developer and has covered DSA in Java in 6 months. Later, they taught HTML, CSS, and now JS fundamentals (the ongoing topic is JS functions). I want to be a front-end developer, but I have been told that without knowing proper DSA, my chances of getting hired as a front-end developer are much lower. Earlier, I was working, so I couldn’t give much time and missed most of my Java lessons in bootcamp. Now that I have left my job to study full time, I am getting confused on where I should focus because in 3 months, the bootcamp will arrange interviews for placements. My current situation is that I know algorithms in Java basics (sorting and searching), little of OOP’s, and am still struggling with problem-solving. I am well-versed in HTML and CSS. Do you have any suggestions that can help me properly manage my studies so that in 3 months I can face my interviews? Anything I should more focus on ? (Sorry for long post)

Hi there!

I totally get your struggle. Programming can be hard, demanding and sometimes demotivating, especially when you’ve so many topics to learn and then being asked about on interviews.
I started as a FE developer studying HTML, CSS, JS and eventually felt confortable enough to start learning BE. I never got problems with hiring, took 1 month to start my first job with no prior experience. Now I work as a Web Developer, but specialised in UX/UI and FE.
I’m a big advocate of starting on one thing and keep growing. At least for now, so you can concentrate and invest in one set of skills that will lead you to rock in interviews and land a job, in this case, FE. For example, I never learned or worked with Java, nor my fellow FE or BE colleagues and honestly, I never need it.
About your lack of problem-solving skills, don’t worry you’re not alone. I come from Psychology, so imagine my problem-solving skill at the time. Besides that, after proper training I managed a score of 98% at one specific horrifically technical interview, so if I could do it, anyone can.
Developing problem-solving its all about practice and error. Since you like FE, practice JS algorithms everyday and learn with the code of others. You’ll notice substantial improvements in your coding and problem-solving skills. Here’re some resources:



Now, I know you’re in a bootcamp and they have their own mentality and beliefs. But ultimately you want to be a good and consistent programmer so I won’t be bothered about Java for now. Just say you want to have interviews for FE positions focused on Javascript (React, Redux, Angular, etc).
Trust me, once you have dominated the basics of HTML, CSS, and JS (especially JS), you’ll grow easily in Web Development :sun_with_face:

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It’s so nice that you could take time out of your busy day to comment on my post. This will definitely help me a lot and motivate me to focus on my studies. Thanks a lot.

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