Job search help

I do not know what else I need to be able to get a job. I have been applying to jobs nonstop and I do not even get an interview. Please, any advice would be appreciate it.

What kind of jobs are you applying to?
Are you customizing your resume to any of those jobs?

Also, instead of just applying to jobs through the normal channels, try contacting recruiters (or developers and managers!) directly and say you’re interested in a job that appears on their jobsite.

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I don’t want to sound mean but your projects look too simplistic in my opinion. they seem to be very common projects that everyone seems to create.
instead try to think of ways of adding new functionality to make them stand out more.
the pomodoro for example, you could improve it by allowing users to edit the time instead of having it fixed. maybe add a circular countdown timer.
You look like you are just starting out, which is why I recommend to do add something extra to your projects since it’s very hard to land interviews with no experience.
you might want to network more since this is one of the best ways to land interviews and a job.
landing an interview and a job by applying through job boards is very difficult.

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Hey @alexandersalsa10!

I found some great articles on FCC news that I think would be beneficial for you.

Hope that helps!


Hello Alexander,
-It is important that you write a job title at the top of you CV. The recruiter needs to know what you are looking for and in a nutshell.
-You begin, so the educational part could be first, then skills and projects.
-You have a psychology bachelor, it would be interesting that you mentioned some interesting modules: perhaps have you practice text mining (regularized expression , jaccard distance etc …)
-And you have learnt web langages so perhaps have you MOOC certificate, it could be interesting that you mentioned it.
But the major default is that we don’t know if you want to do data analysys or web devlopment.
Have a nice day.

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I am agree with you, Paul, The CV needs to be more specialized and attractive. Job title: web devlopper or data analyst and more specific concept on the projectcs.

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I am applying for web development positions, mainly front end as I am still learning back end and don’t fill confident in my abilities for it yet.
I will try contacting recruiters, and hopefully they can help me out. Thanks for your input

Thanks for your input. I will work on improving my projects and try to contact recruiters or other developers.