Jobs gap and filling in missed stuff

I been a web designer and now front end dev. I recently gained some handfull experience with javascript using vue. It has been 1.5 months my last contract ended. Though I been to few interviews it is rejection, sometimes it is that I do not know Testing, sometimes it is we r looking for a senior. As the market in dense with React. I am learning React to up my CV but still, companies want pro and I am not. I do have a lot of layout experience e.g. in CSS but only that isn’t good.

What Can I do? advice would be helpful.

Keep working at skills you are interested in. 1.5 months out of work…is somewhat normal in the IT world…even 6 months is okay- as long as you can account for “What did you do during that time?” . It gets harder when the gaps turns into…1…2…3…years um…even more than that. Speaking from experience there…

Don’t give up- interesting that considering you were a web designer- I am not sure what kind of skills you had as a web designer or job duties but if you already have experience with that- I’m sure you can build upon that.