jQuery not parsing JSON object?

I am trying to build the random quote machine, and built my own object of quotes to use stored here.

I looked at a simple JSON§ tutorial which used the following code:

$.getJSON("https://api.github.com/users/jeresig?callback=?", function(json){

And that works fine. I get the object in the console.

But if I change the link to my object, the console is blank. Code that results in a blank console:

$.getJSON("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/themagicbean/bojackquotejson/master/bojackquotes.json?callback=?", function(json){

Can anyone tell me what is going wrong?



It’s because your JSON file has an invalid format. Use this tool to verify your JSON file :).

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To add to my previous answer:

You should always add the error handler to your AJAX calls, even if it’s just to log the error:

.done(function(retrievedData) {
  // The request succeeded and the data is valid JSON
}).fail(function(error) {
  // Something wrong happened.
  console.error('We could not fetch or parse the data:', error);

Be aware that this is not guaranteed to solve the problem. For instance, in your specific scenario, your JSON file had a bad format, but the error received on the fail function didn’t say anything about the data being malformed. You’ll just have to test the data in those cases :slight_smile:.

Anyway, I hope it helps :slight_smile:!

Happy coding!

Thank you for the reply!

Edit: Just checked copying the data and found the extra comma.

Edit 2: Waited for Git raw to update, and still found a blank console: Codepen.

Edit 3: Removed the .json just in case that was the issue, it wasn’t. Raw data now here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/themagicbean/bojackquotejson/master/bojackquotes

The current problem is that your JSONP definition is wrong, you should use the function name to be called instead of a ?.

On the other hand, JSONP is insecure, so you shouldn’t be using it anyway :slight_smile:.