jQuery or vanilla JS to play with the DOM?

Hello. I have been slowly learning web development and general programming for a while.
I somewhat halted my progress after the quote generator app because I had no idea of what jQuery was, so I spent some time learing about it…

But now, after watching this video from fcc I decided to give a try to plain vanilla to manipulate the DOM.
I think I kinda preffer vanillaJS for now!. I somewhat feel that jQuery takes over my code and I dont like that. I like things simpler, even if the code lines are a bit longer.
I understand jQuery is an useful tool and we all should know how it works. But I kinda find it redundant, at least at a simple level.

I guess that JS has been catching up and that eventually will make jQuery pointless? Is that right?

There’s a lot of value in focusing your attention on JS for now and learning how to do things longhand. Some people prefer always to use JS and avoid libraries altogether. Some people also like programming in C. I am not either of these people.


It’s not about catching up, jQuery is JS after all :slight_smile: JS has become friendlier to developers the last years though, that’s true.

About your question now. jQuery does have an amazing api for beginners and it simplifies a lot of things, but as you mentioned it is redundant for small projects and people tend to overuse it. For me, it’s good being familiar with its API, but that’s it. Unless you are forced to use it, opt out. That’s my opinion, it’s not a standard or anything.

You might want to check this out.


Lots of opinions on these.

I think JS support by different browsers are now more standardized today unlike during the old Wild West days… that’s why jquery was invented to deal with all these inconsistencies back then.

Me personally I like to save time and work, and save my clients time and money. Me using jquery will save a lot of development and testing time, client could care less if I used pure JS or jQuery to get the job done.

YMMV, depending on your work situation or requirements, clients timeframe, budget, etc.

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Yeah, they are both good approaches. And I think they’re both good to know. For DOM manipulation, I find JQuery a little easier. But for AJAX, I much prefer JQuery.