JS Data structures & Algorithms question

Hey all. I’ve been learning programming for 6 months now, and have completed cs50 by Harvard.

I have a relative who works with a large retail corporation as a software developer, and I contacted him regarding next steps in my learning process to get myself closer to employable. In short, he recommended I learn an OOP language like Java, C#, or C++, in addition to a DSA course.

My question is, what data structures and algorithms does this course go over? Cs50 briefly covered some data structures and algorithms. Do you think it is still beneficial to go through with this course? I’ve done the first 2 sections.

Thanks in advance ,

the JavaScript course goes mainly through the basics of JavaScript and Data Structures and Algorithms. If you are not interested in JavaScript it doesn’t make sense for you to do this course.

I don’t think the language matter all that much. You can learn the same principles using any language.

But if you want to learn a specific language, using that language to also learn about data structures and algorithms does make sense.