Learning data structure with javascript?

hey folks i have doubts about this combination .
should i have learn data structure and algo with javascript is it a good choice?
as a web developer in javascript is it necessary to learn DSA with js ?
and what are good resources to learn DSA WITH Javascript . i searched alot but there are some but poor content. please, guys, suggest me some good resources or any courses to learn DSA WITH Js.
i will be very grateful for your answer.

freeCodeCamp has basic and advanced data structures and algorithms challenges.

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HI @zafarhussain633 !

I am not sure why you think that would be a bad choice.

I think you should focus on learning CS basics like different sorting and searching algorithms, data structures, etc.
Then you can apply it to whatever language you like.

First learn the basic concepts then focus on implementation.

Here are some general CS courses.

Here are two taught with javascript