Just a conversational thread about JavaScript

JS is like a base for learning other languages, especially the C based syntax languages like C#, C++, because JavaScript actually uses the C syntaxing.

So if you were to pick one c or c++?

I am new to coding, what is a C based syntax language?

Here’s the thing, C++ is based on C, so it’s like an updated version of it with easier syntax.

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Funny thing is, not knowing one tiny thing about computers, the only reason I started learning JS is because FCC said so!

I don’t even know what languages there are!

C is an old (but still very much in use) language. Languages that look similar are said to have C/C++ syntax. C++ is closer to CUDA syntax if you are interested in GPUs, but C is great for low level stuff like embedded systems (stuff like Arduino). The core syntax of the two are very similar.


The C syntax is the text syntax that JavaScript uses. It is from the language C, as the name said itself. It’s how you declare variable using the var = value;. It’s how you create functions like

function myFunc() {


//In C++ they have a way to create  an easy function like this

int funcName() {
//codes here

//that's why they implement => on JS so it goes like this

let funcName = () => {
//codes here.

C syntax also includes the dataTypes of each values, like

let numbers = 1; //numbers
let Boolean = true //Booleans
let string = "string" //string

This is what JS is built on from. So as many languages.


Wow, it’s going to take a minute for me to process that…now I see how little I truly know :slightly_smiling_face:

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what a wise explanation, I love it

Boy, am I glad you guys are here or I would start having nightmares about JS ghosts coming to get me for totally messing them up!

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how would we call JS gohst ?? hahaha maybe JigSaw haahahahahahhaha

let I = 'wanna play a game';//hahahahaha

hahahahahaha :grin: :clap:

Let me re word this. Syntax is words we used to tell the computer what to do. So we can’t just tell them exacty what to do, thats why syntax exists. Syntaxes in JS uses the old C syntax which are very straightforward meaning. EX:

var hello = "hello world";
//this just means to create a 'variable'
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I am beginning to understand. It’s a good thing I am learning this a year before I am going to get a job. Do you think I could wrap my head around this in a year?

Not sure where you got that from?

The name JavaScript is owned as a trademark by Oracle. The actual language is not owned by anybody. The ECMAScript language specification is standardized by Ecma International and “The Ecma TC39 committee is responsible for evolving the ECMAScript programming language and authoring the specification”.

The “look” of the language was actually “dictated” to Brendan Eich by upper management, they wanted it to look like Java. It also draws inspiration from non-c-style languages.


Whether any existing language could be used, instead of inventing a new one, was also not something I decided. The diktat from upper engineering management was that the language must “look like Java”. That ruled out Perl, Python, and Tcl, along with Scheme. Later, in 1996, John Ousterhout came by to pitch Tk and lament the missed opportunity for Tcl.

I’m not proud, but I’m happy that I chose Scheme-ish first-class functions and Self-ish (albeit singular) prototypes as the main ingredients. The Java influences, especially y2k Date bugs but also the primitive vs. object distinction (e.g., string vs. String), were unfortunate.

Edit: BTW, this thread is going a bit off-topic, don’t you think?


Okay. Now I am confused!

That’s probably because everyone is just happy that they know JS, which started this whole thing, or that there is someone to help us with JS!

enjoy reading bro :wink:

Why are you linking to a wiki article?

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read its history please so you can understand how it was a browser war behind it between Netscape and Microsoft

Microsoft debuted Internet Explorer in 1995, leading to a browser war with Netscape. On the JavaScript front, Microsoft reverse-engineered the Navigator interpreter to create its own, called JScript.
this thread is going a bit off-topic, don’t you think? No, this is history, everyone should know. Thank you very much.

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