Just a conversational thread about JavaScript

There’s a lot I do do not know, so could you explain to me why it would be useful for me to learn the history and origin of a computer language? Would it help me get a job or something? :slightly_smiling_face: Because if this is useful, then I want to know.

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This is general culture, no more neither less. In my point of view it is good to know things especially when they are True.

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You believe that! That is awesome! My whole family believes that but we run into so many that don’t! It great to meet a fellow truth-seeker.

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Actually, I mean my whole immediate family. That would still mean nine of us though. :wink:

The history isn’t that useful when you are first learning unless you find it interesting.

I agree that this discussion has veered off coarse from learning code online to a much more scattered conversation.

Synopsis on my contribution : JS is a fine place to start and us on the forum are happy to clarify anything. Later, if you pick up interests in stuff other than WebDev, you may want to look at other languages, but the work you’ve done to learn JS will help you learn whatever you want in the future.

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Is there somewhere on FCC where a group of people could take their discussion once it gets scattered?

I don’t mean right now, but just in case.

My point was, Microsoft never owned JavaScript, they had their own version called JScript, and Facebook most certainly does not own it either. Netscape hired Brendan Eich to create the language, first called Mocha, then LiveScript, and later again renamed to JavaScript (as said the name was owned by Sun Microsystems, now Oracle).

Again, nobody owns the language. Netscape submitted it to Ecma International to flesh out and maintain a specification for the language.

It’s still off-topic.

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Well…we are under the topic General… this sounds pretty general to me. Am I wrong?

The thread topic, jeez. How is the current discussion in any way related to the OP?

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Errr…what’s OP? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

OP = original post or original poster. I.e. the threads original post and it’s topic.

oh, ha, ha! You can tell I have not been introduced to social media yet!

Are you saying we should create a new topic under General with the title “For those who wish to get off topic”?..

whatever you say bro. But we are not discussing a subject in the united nations council to manage the discussion as off-topic or in-topic. Its a FORUM, peoples talks here. and second I am not your customer support agent to guide my discussion. If you are admin and your duty is to check whether this or that discussion is off-topic or not then simply block me.

Oh please don’t get intense!

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Don’t fight! There are ladies present! And I am one of them-I am being serious though it may not sound like it. If this is going to get ugly, let’s just stop.

And if this is going to get ugly, you better apologize to me first cause I’ll cry!

We try to keep conversations on the original topic. Staying on topic makes the conversations easier to follow and it makes it easier to search for topics on the forum. If the conversation gets off topic but it’s interesting to you, you can always continue the discussion in a new thread.


Your right. Unfortunately, here in this central state USA, it’s time for me to go to bed! Goodnight and happy coding!

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The point is someone created a thread about issues they see with learning and teaching programming.

We are now talking about completely unrelated things and it is basically hijacking the thread. This isn’t a live social media chat, it is a forum post about a specific topic. Sure the talk can steer in a few directions along the way but at this point the thread topic as been derailed.

Keeping threads on-topic is just one of the things we do have to keep an eye on when moderating the forum. All I ask is, please have some consideration for the original poster.


I just pulled the off-topic responses into a new topic. TADA!