Just Finished My Personal Portofolio, Feedback Would Be Much Appreciated

Hello Everyone,
I just finished my first portofolio page
I’d like to share it here.
Any feedback

Good job man!!!

A suggestion I would make is style it a little bit more.
It just seems like html right now.

Work on some cool CSS stuff and really spice it up!!!

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Thank You for the feedback Stefan :slight_smile:
I admit I lack of design and css … Could You recommend where I can improve my design taste :slight_smile: please?

Thank You again for your comment :slight_smile:


Love it. Actually I think what you just called “lack of design and css” is more a minimalist style. Straight to the point. I’m a fan!

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Thank You Gnio for the comment :slight_smile:

My first problem is when I want to give color to web page, I am confused what color to use (I am a partial color blind).

My second problem is the layout. What I mean by layout is that:
Layout A is good for …
Layout B is good for … , etc.

Maybe You can give some basic tutorial (books, websites, articles or else) for web design & layout ?

I really appreciate your comment :slight_smile: Thanks


Hi there,

Well. I’m confused as well with the terms, not sure if our confusion are exactly the same thing.

I have noticed that reading doesn’t help me a lot, at least that they use the exact words I can understand (english is not my first language).

I was really struggle to understand the grid system of Bootstrap, and I even repeated several times the explanation in freecodecamp, anyway, I was unsure what exactly means, or how it works. I found Gridiculous, a framework easy to work, and now I understand much better the grid system of any framework.

I can recommend some of the free videos available in lynda about web design, layouts and semantic. Some of them very detailed explained.

Hope that helps, if I found anything that can help you will definitely keep you posted.


This may help,


adding this,


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Thank You so much @Gnio :slight_smile:

I will check the Gridiculous and http://learnlayout.com


When I did my first website recently I went almost straight to writing HTML and then styling it. Now that I’ve watched some videos on graphic design and specifically web design I realized there’s a lot of planning, sketching and wireframing involved before getting to writing code.

What gave me a lot of great ideas was Youtube channel DevTips and its How to Build a Responsive Website from Start to Finish series. I haven’t watched the entire series yet, but found videos 1: Discovery and Documentation and 2: Sketching, Wireframes and Design helpful.

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