Personal Portfolio: Feedback pls

Hello Campers,

At last im done with my portfolio page for now! It took me quite a while. Here’s the link:

Personal Portfolio

Pls check it out & give me feedback about it. i have so many questions. Like how the design looks? Whether the colors are working together or not! Also have i complicated it too much with the coding? how could i have done any part of the coding in a simpler way. Is it working properly on a small screen? anyway you get the idea!

So pls share your opinion with me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I think you swapped the order of "Book Antiqua" and cursive in your headers’ CSS. Not many people like to see Comic sans :slight_smile:

You misspelled self-tought. It should be self-taught.

Consider changing the col-xs-* to col-sm-* or col-md-*, so it looks better on mobile.

I noticed that you used empty <div>s to offset your columns. It’s better to use Bootstrap’s offset classes.

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Thank u so much for your feedback. Will definitely go through your suggestions. & also thanks for the helpful links :slight_smile:

nice one ronie, I have learned something from your site, the link to the bootstrap font-awesome

oh! thats great - I’m happy to know that :slight_smile: