Just finished the tribute project - take a look!

I just finished my first project, the tribute page, woo!
I’m always looking for where to improve, so any feedback in regards to design or functionality would be much appreciated.
Here it is: https://codepen.io/bennyep98/full/VwZOqRa


You spelled contagious wrong

The page seems like it could offer just a little bit more info or another small section about Sir. David Attenborough.

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Nice job!

Maybe the line “The picture above…” can be a little smaller, as it is a caption. The way that it is, besides of overlapping with the main text, visually competes in terms of hierachy.

I would also make the distance between the main image (and it´s caption) with the rest of the content, bigger.

Hope this helps

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I really like the image with the text. Simple yet clean!

I suggest that changing the font-size in different window sizes. It is very difficult to read in small windows. But nice job overall… keep up the good work! :grinning:

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Thanks for pointing that out!
And good point, i’ll add some more to it. Cheers for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback.
You’re right, it looks nicer with those adjustments. Cheers!

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Good point, I’ll get working on some media-queries to fix that. Cheers for the feedback!

That’s very good work.

Great eye for design!