Just got invited to take an assessment for a software engineering internship!

Hey everyone,

I got up the pomodoro clock on the front-end curriculum (didn’t do the advanced algorithms yet though), and just applied to a bunch of internships (I thought about full-time, but I have a year left of college so I might as well finish).

I honestly did it as an afterthought and thought I wasn’t gonna get any, and then 2 days later I get a response to take an assessment. I only applied to all these in the past 1-2 days so I am in shock I actually got called for an assessment. Who knows? maybe the others I applied to get back in touch (Not gonna count my eggs before they hatch though).

They wanna see my skills in Javascript and the assessment is gonna be one hour on HackerRank. Not sure what to expect but after all these projects, I’m pretty confident in my javascript ability. I’m gonna do a lot of algorithm work to prepare, as I feel they have helped my thought process tremendously and I’m reading cracking the coding interview.

I know it’s just an internship but if I could get a company to consider me, I know anyone can! Some of these projects are tough and you will get frustrated (like I’ve been on my pomodoro clock at times). It might be a slow process and you may not have a clue what to do sometimes, but keep at it! go on the subreddit or here on the forums if you really need help! Everyone is really supportive!

Keep hustling guys! we’re all gonna make it. =)

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