Just had my 2nd interview. Tricky question inside

Hey everybody. I will tell about my experience and my path if I get an actual offer(guys from the company said they are gonna decide next week). For now, I just want to ask a question.

I put my resume online a week or two ago and I didn’t have much of invitations for an interview. I only applied for around 6-7 jobs, that I suggested interesting and suitable for junior dev.

So, this interview, it went better than the previous one that I had around 2 months ago. Definitely better. I’ve shown better expertise in JS and, in general, I asked questions and conversed.

The problem is that before the interview I was talking to the HR manager. We were talking slow and smooth and I felt relaxed and then BOOM… she asked about the desired salary. I lost it and called a number that is 15-20% lower than medium junior salary in my town. I don’t know why I did this. Maybe it was a psychotic break. Maybe I am just destined to be an idiot. Anyway, as I said, the interview went good and I don’t know what to do if they make me an offer with a salary lower than even medium one just because I called a wrong number. Should I negotiate? Or just accept the offer and then, after a few months ask for a raise? All that considering the fact that I don’t have many options on the job market of my city.

Thanks for reading!

Maybe you can check this article out: https://www.kalzumeus.com/2012/01/23/salary-negotiation/

It gave me a good idea of the negotiation process. Hope something comes through. If so, this will help when you are hit with a salary offer. And if not (hope not the case), it will help you be more comfortable in future negotiations.

Keep in mind, each country’s culture may not be the same as this article. I think this is more for country’s with a direct style of communication.

You can’t really do it with a lot of hope of success now. If they do offer, at around what you said, then you could say that you weren’t aware of the average local salaries and that it seems low, but then they can just say no; you’ve kinda fenced yourself into a corner here I’m afraid. I mean they may come back and offer something closer to the average, but you can only wait and see as things stand

If the job pays more than your current job take it. If the salary is that bad just find another job whilst you are working there, or wait a year and ask for a payrise. If after a year they don’t give you the money you want go elsewhere, by then it will be easier with some work experience under your belt.

The most important thing about your first job is that you will be learning lots and working under seniors, so even if it doesn’t work out, what you learn will help you get a better paid position.

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One of two things will happen. They will either offer you a salary based on ranges set internally, regardless of what you said. Or, they will use your number as the high-end figure for their negotiations. As it’s a junior position, it could honestly go either way. If this was a more senior role, then I’d say you unequivocally capped your salary negotiation prematurely. Given it’s a junior role, they may just be working inside of a predetermined range.

You can, and should, try to negotiate the offer you receive—especially if it’s in the range of what you told them. But the general rule of thumb is: the number you throw out is the cap and the number they throw out is the floor. In other words, you’ll never get more than what you give for a number, and you’ll never get less than what they first give for a number. Obviously, given that rule of thumb, you’re playing behind the curve.

I would play the “on further research, I realize the number I gave you is not in line with the market value for a junior developer in the area” card. And hopefully you can work the negotiation upstream a bit.

Also, remember, the medium salary is what it is because there are developers earning less in your area. If the offer is at least respectable, livable, and you can justify getting your foot in the door, then I’d recommend doing it. At least temporarily.

Usually if they offer they will have liked you enough to consider you. My teacher in a different field actually had the same thing happen and they accepted it no questions asked. Regardless, just ask if they offer and only when they offer. do not ask now.