Just starting freeCodeCamp... I had a quick question

I’m looking to go through Responsive Web Design and also Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures. After completing those two modules, I’m not particularly interested in ALL the content in the Front End Libraries Certification. My question is:
If I want to just focus on/complete specific parts of the certification, will I be able to do so without having done the previous modules? To be more specific, I’m interested in (as of now, I know things might change) completing the modules React and Redux (skipping jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass) from the Front End Libraries and Basic Node and Express from the APIs and Micro-services (skipping MongoDB, “Managing Packages with NPM”). Would this be alright, or would it make it much harder to learn the things I want to learn without having done the items I’ve put in brackets?

You can do the React and Redux challenges without the other front-end libraries sections, that’s fine. You can also complete the projects at the end using any libraries you want. So if you just want to use React without the others, that’s fine.

I’m going through the APIs and Microservices challenges right now, so I’m not 100% knowledgeable. I think you can skip the MongoDB challenges if you’re not interested in databases. The Managing Packages with npm is probably useful, and it’s really short so I’d do it just in case. Also related are the JSON APIs and Ajax challenges under the Data Visualization section. That’s also probably good background knowledge if you don’t have it already.

As for if you need to finish all of this to complete the APIs and Microservices projects, I’m not sure because I’m going to do all of it before I attempt them.

Anyways, probably the best course of action is to actually get started and see how it goes. Do the sections you are interested in, and if you find you have holes in your knowledge when trying to complete a project, go back and see if the information is in a section you skipped.