Justify content: space-between; is not working. please explain

I am trying to build a portfolio but when I write justify content: space-between; inside nav tag and it’s not working , so to check I am not making errors I used another property justify content: flex-end ; and that is working perfectly! so please explain how can I use justify content: space-between; ?

Maybe try something else. space-evenly or space-around. I am not sure why your space-between isn’t working. Maybe check for typos or something. That is odd. :thinking: Happy coding! :smile:

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Is it possible to look at the project code? Without being able to see the whole thing it is hard to speculate on what is wrong.

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I am attaching screen shorts. I cannot see my mistakes.

It would be much better if you gave us a link to your project in codepen (or wherever you are storing it).

I have shared a code now you can check.

Tey .flex .justify-between{justify-content: space-evenly } or maybe try it on just .flex. Happy coding! :smile:

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I think justify-content should be on . flex class. Try put it there (where you have a display) not in another class.

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Hi @lata007!

Why do you have two style sheets? Based on the screenshot it doesn’t look like your utilities.css is linked to your html page unless I am missing something. Couldn’t you do all of your styles in the style.css?


I found my mistake thanks for your help everyone!!!
I am closing div tag after nav tag that’s why not working . This is a amazing platform to discuss.

Ok! but I am learning from a tutorial on YouTube he did this in same way, otherwise thank you for suggestion at least I some gain knowledge.

finally found my typo! :sweat_smile:

I tried that. But problem was somewhere else. :smile: