Trying to decrease the spaces between the links in my navbar, but when I adjust my margin-right property the spaces between them don't change changes

Also my justify-content property is not working in codepen but it works when I launch my code with the live server feature in the visual studio code ide

Well maybe you could use the border property our using br?
have you ever tried the margin-right: 0; margin-left?
change the position to absolute to make sure it’ss not classing with anything else?

Hi! I believe the reason why you can’t decrease the spacing between the navbar links is because you have padding on the a elements within them, so try to decrease that. As for the justify-content property, I honestly don’t know, all the other values for that property (center, space-between, etc.) seem to work, so I have no idea why right won’t :sweat_smile:

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What would the value of the margin-left position be?

For Flexbox the values are flex-start and flex-end. Not right and left.

.nav-items {
  justify-content: flex-end;