kaushik guru kaushik guru 1.9k934.6k how to save api output json as csv file

i have a api output as follows

  "sub_start_date_end_date": [   
      "account_id": "10996fd6-a708-4d70-b65e-50620d8fbbdf",     
      "country": "'USA'",
      "end_date": "Fri, 03 Sep 2021 00:00:00 GMT",       
      "start_date": "Thu, 03 Sep 2020 00:00:00 GMT"

i need to save it as create and save it as a csv file

@final.route('/start_date-end_datess', methods=['GET'])

def subscription_datess():
  subscription_id = request.args.get('subscription_id') 
  email = request.args.get('email')
  update_query = '''
some query            ''' 
  result = db.session.execute(text(update_query), {'a':email})
  final = [dict(i) for i in result] 
  excel = json.load(final) 
  files = csv.writer(open("test.csv", "wb+")) 
  files.writerow(["account_id", "country", "end_date", "start_date"]) 

  for excel in excel:     
    files.writerow([excel["account_id"], excel["country"], excel["end_date"], excel["start_date"]]) 


when executing this end point i am getting the following error list’ object has no attribute 'read’

Kindly guide

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