Knowledge similar to Just JavaScript?

I’m looking for resources (in any form) that can provide me with a level of understanding/knowledge about JS similar to that of the book Just JavaScript. Dies anybody know of any

I don’t understand, if the level of understanding you want is in Just JavaScript, why not just read that? Is it an out of print book? If you are finished with it, wouldn’t you want knowledge that goes beyond that?

I mean, FCC has a JS section. There are many other resources. Can you be more specific about your needs? I’m not familiar with Just JavaScript. How are other resources failing you? Ultimately it doesn’t matter where you learn it, just need to learn it. Start learning and then learn more. You can round out your knowledge with things like the YDKJS books and other books, but for basic learning, there are oodles and oodles of resources.

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Just JavaScript: An Idiomatic Approach:


It defines itself as Idiomatic, Can you tell us what you liked about the book, the Qualities that you are hoping to find in other suggested Resources and Books ?

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