Kotlin or java for Android Development

Hi everyone, I am a Test Automation Engineer and a Lecturer in IT. I am working with java, Python, Selenium and PHP. I am interested in learning Android Development, I can code with Java and I am having experience in writing code using java but I never code using Kotlin. I want to know which one is prefered in the industrial perspective. Can you share your ideas and thoughts on this topic?.

In this particular community you’re likely to find people suggesting things like React Native or Ionic.

Kotlin is the preferred language (as of May this year), so that rather than Java for new apps. Kotlin is a really nice language as well, and you can still use your Java knowledge, interop seems pretty seamless. And imo if you’re developing specifically for Android, then use Kotlin rather than a cross-platform framework as you’ll avoid the headaches inherent to that (for reference, I currently work mainly on React Native, and it’s good in many respects but has a lot of pain points).

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