Kronos API | Can I unlock an account using the Kronos API?

How can I unlock a locked account using the Kronos API?

I have checked the Timekeeping - Developer’s Toolkit API Reference Guide, and was not able to find anything for the following keywords: disable, locked, locked account, update account etc. specific to unlocking the account.

I am able to reset the password, but that is not enough to unlock an account.

All I am looking for is a xml code or a documentation that can help me solve my problem or a different method to unlock an account besides the standard procedure.

Please let me know if more information is required.

I’m assuming by Kronos & by the description you mean the HR management tool thing (?) made by some company called UKG whose (admittedly very attractive if utterly corporate) site I’m not going to link because a. it spams a full screen autoplaying video and b. out of principle because none of the text on the site seems to be selectable, which seems utterly bizarre. Aaaaaanyway:

You send a DELETE request to the “lock” resource URL, passing in the relevant stuff to identify the employee – it has an example of the XML required in the little editable example you can play around with


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