La teoría del color en Diseño Visual Aplicado me desanima

Hasta ahora no tuve demasiados problemas con todos los temas desarrollados en los desafíos del currículo de HTML y CSS. Pero llegué a la teoría del color y tengo que estudiarlo una y otra vez. Cuando creo que lo entendí, vuelvo al día siguiente y siento que me olvidé todo. Lo cuál me frustra un poco porque tengo que volver a comenzar nuevamente en un intento de lograr retener los conceptos en mi cabeza de una buena vez.

¿Qué tanta importancia debería darle a esto para seguir avanzando? ¿Cuáles fueron sus experiencias al intentar comprender este tema?

Desde ya les doy las gracias por toda la ayuda que me dan a diario.

Color theory is a weird subject, a mix of science and human perception.

There are also different theories of color and some of them will depend on whether it is additive or subtractive. The (rudimentary) color theory most of us learned in grade school is subtractive because we were dealing with paints and inks, that work by “subtracting” (absorbing) different wavelengths and not reflecting them. The color in web dev is additive, it works by adding different colors of light, so the color wheel is different and how colors combine is different. If you mix all the colors in subtractive color media, you get black. If you mix all the colors in additive color media, you get white.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. And you can pick a lot of it up as you go along. Just plant the seed of the basic concepts and move on. Perhaps as you begin to use it, different things will sink in.

Is there something specific that is confusing you?

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First of all, thank you so much for your response. You just explained almost everything there is to this, in one paragraph.

I was having some trouble retaining the concept of “complementary divided color scheme” (not sure if that’s what is called in english) where you take a base color and then pair it up with the two that are next to its complementary one. For some reason, I can’t grasp it entirely.

Also as you mentioned, since we’re taught in grade school I kept confusing the substractive perspective from the additive perspective. So I couldn’t understand fully how a secondary color differs from that theory to this one. For example, green isn’t a primary color in substractive but it is in the additive point of view. That gave me some issues while I tried to comprehend the whole thing. And I kept coming back to that several times in order to finally get it.

Now I think I understand it a bit better but I’m kind of in fear about when it’s time to put it in practice I won’t remember a thing.

But then again, you explained almost everything so perfectly in a few words. And that was a big help for me and I truly appreciate it. So thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s just a theory. Someone said, “hey, I think this is a way to get good color combinations”. Don’t look for some deeper scientific meaning. Think of it as a “rule of thumb”, a helpful little tool that you can choose to use or not use.

Now I think I understand it a bit better but I’m kind of in fear about when it’s time to put it in practice I won’t remember a thing.

First of all, maybe you aren’t a designer. Many devs aren’t, including me. It’s good to pick up a few tricks along the way, but most companies are going to have people that specialize in that making design decisions. As a professional dev, I make almost no design decisions. I make the occasional suggestion so it’s good to know a few principles, but no one is depending on me to make design decisions - we have people for that.

So, don’t worry about it too much. It’s good to be introduced to design principles, but you don’t have to freak out about them, unless you are going to be a designer. And there are plenty of sites out there offering advice for color pairings.

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Thank you again for your help. I feel a bit more confident now. Yesterday I was doing the HSL challenge and I had no issues understanding the concepts. I really appreciate your advice. :slight_smile:

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Don’t be afraid to ask the forum if you run into trouble. There is practically no question that you could ask that 10 other people are confused about but are too shy to ask.

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Thank you. I definitely will. :slight_smile: