Laggy transition on Firefox

Good evening, fellow campers. I come to seek your help tonight for a mysterious problem I encountered while building my portfolio.

I built it in react, using chrome as a host for the developement stage. The problem came when I put the firt version online and tested it with firefox.

I can’t tell why, but all the transitions are terribly slow and laggy, everything is quivering, it is as if I was visiting the website on an old windows 1998…

And I really can’t tell why. I thought at first it was because firefox uses asynchronus scrolling, but it doesn’t seem to change when I remove all the scrolling effects.

if someone has an idea on why it is happening, please let me know. Otherwise, would someone be kind enough to check it on his own firefox and tell me if the same problem occurs ? Thanks a lot.

The portfolio in question :

please don’t be harsh, it is still a work in progress.

I haven’t looked but

Are you using vendor prefixes for your ‘recent’ css rules?


I used it for every transition, but i’m not sure if I had to use it for something else. Is there a sheet where I could find every rule I should use with -moz- ?