Landing Page - feedback needed

Hi, my name is Marcin and this is ma second attempt to Product Landing Page (first one passed all tests, but was too lame to show ;)).

I would be very grateful for any sugestions.

Its great except the footer the dark blue color doesnt fit into the theme and you should center the items there

This is really slick. A great looking page.

One thing you might want to watch out for is setting 100vh on your home page. It means that the button will break the view if you go below a certain height.

Quick fix for this would just be to set a minimum height for your header.

Your hamburger menu for mobile is great. One slightly annoying thing is that it doesn’t close after you’ve clicked on it and therefore continues to take over the screen:

Really looks cool otherwise. Keep up the great work!

I really like this page! Clear structure and a good presentation of the important stuff.
I probably would lower the line-height a little bit for a better legibility. From 40px to 30px . Or try

line-height: 1.5;

Happy Coding!

Thanks for all sugestions :wink:

I think I manage to apply most of them:

  1. Hamburger menu should work properly now.
  2. I got rid of header button when view height is less than 500px.
  3. Line height changed.
  4. Contacts and footer centered.

I’m not sure about color of the footer. I really like it the way it is now, but maybe someone have an idea what color would look better.

If I should fix anything else please let me know :wink:

Really like the page i am sorry i dont have any experience so cant give you any advice. However ill certainly try to copy it.
Thanks man.