Landing Page Feedback needed

Hi, could you kindly please review my landing page I’m not done with it though, I’d appreciate it if you tell me what I need to improve thank you in advance.

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I like the utilization of your transform property for each section, gives is more of a modern look. If I were to change some things, I would change your main header font from serif to sans-serif, as it translates better on a page, especially if it’s the main focal point.

And I would also maybe add some action text or something on the main banner itself, which will make it pop out more, since that would be the first thing that the user will see. You can try messing around with some dark overlay on the banner image itself and some overlaying text.

There’s also a lot of empty white space at the end of your footer which you can reduce, but other than that, you are going in the right direction! It’s responsive as well, so that’s a big green checkmark.

Thanks Alot really appreciate it.

one thing i noticed (and im fixing the same issue on mine) is the header when moved to each href link will cover part of the text or pics of the PS’s. perhaps try to get it to move up just a bit so it doesnt cover anything.

Yeah I noticed that too,I think maybe adding extra padding or margin would help

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