Landing Page :) Feedback!

This one took me a bit longer than expected and had some interesting challenges but now I am done :slight_smile: YUS! I am 2 1/2 weeks into my coding journey so I know I have lots to learn. Any feedback regarding design or code is more than welcome :smiley:

(Link to my baby:

The one thing I noticed is that when you click the buttons on the nav to go to a specific section, it is not very centered. It goes to the bottom of it which is awkward.

The footer also doesnโ€™t take up the entire bottom and I cannot really figure out why :confused:

Thanks again for your comments!

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Hi @ElJaviRomero!
Congratulations on your landing page, I think you have done a good job!:ok_hand:

Fixed headers together with on-page links generate overlapping problems that are difficult to solve according to what I have read (I still have no experience with them).
This possible solution is one of the ones that I find most interesting, maybe it can serve you. :wink:

Regarding why <footer> doesnโ€™t take up the entire bottom, it is because you have specified max-width: 1000px; for <div class = "container"> and <footer> is inside it.

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Thank you for taking a moment to reply :slight_smile: I will make those changes!

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I thing that you are off to a great start and I think that you should check the CSS code because that would be a great source to create the style of the landing page.