Wine Landing Page - Feedback please

What do you guys think? My landing page :smile:

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  • when using codepen it expects you to only enter the code in the HTML section that you’d put between the <body> </body> tags. For anything that would go in <head> you click on the Settings button and include it there.
    That being said, you need to include a link to bootstrap. While you have a hamburger button on small screens it’s not accessible since there’s no bootstrap link.
  • codepen provides you with validators for HTML, CSS and JS. Click on the link in the upper right of each section and then click on the respective ‘Analyze’ link. There’s some cleaning up you can do with your HTML
  • the top of your landing areas are getting covered by the height of your navbar. Maybe think about using some padding on top to take that into account.
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It looks really nice! My suggestion is to use smaller pictures so you see the important content immediately when you arrive at the page or the specific section of the page.

Thank you! Your absolutely right. Forgot to remove the info. Will update today.
I didnt even notice the nav bar covered the titles ha. Thanks again

Hi everyone, I just finished my landing page project. I really hope you guys look at it and give me your feedback:

@dat1, will you please delete this post and open your own thread for people to give you feedback on your design.
Thank you

Really nice landing page! Super clean.