Landing page help

  • User Story #2: I can see an image within the header element with a corresponding id="header-img" . A company logo would make a good image here.

I want to put a Bestbuy logo for this because I currently work there I went go google images and found a pic clicked on it copied the url but the image wont show how do I find an image and code to put in there?


Can you post the code you tried that’s not working?

right click the image and click “copy image address” then use that in your <img> tag

What about if I wanted to make my own logo like AstralWolf Merchandise for the landing page, how do I get my own image on to the internet and get the image code to put in there?

The simplest way would be to use one of the variety of websites that can host your picture. Here is just one list of possible sites to use: