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I am working on the project “building a product landing page”. I am on question #2 where I have to add an image logo. I keep noticing I am having issues in this project as well as the projects before when it comes to uploading images. The images never show up on the preview screen when I copy the links and paste them in HTML format. Can someone let me know what I am doing wrong?

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<header id="header"

<img src="http://clipart-library.com/images/rcjGLL5Li.png">


(side note the image code is
<img src="http://clipart-library.com/images/rcjGLL5Li.png"> , when I type it above the actually image is trying to post so I would like for you to see the code I am trying to post.

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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The URL has to use https


But that will not work with that image. See if you can find another one.

Edit: Or download the image and then upload it somewhere else that does support https. There are image hosts you can use or you can use GitHub.

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Thank you for your response, I have done the instructions that you assisted me with and I have got this code from github ‘https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pluc516/logo/main/11108446.jp’ and it still is not showing up on the freecodecamp preview section on the project. Any other ideas why? Appreciate the help

You are missing the g in .jpg


It worked ! Thanks for your help.

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