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Hi all. I am struggling with how to get my logo on to my page. I tried loading on to github and then referencing it using href attribute but it won’t load.

What am I not doing right?

Here is the link to the page:


If you want to get the link to your image from github right-click the image and click copy image address. It is not loading because you are using the url from the address bar instead. Change the href attribute to point to:

Thanks nibble for your feedback. I have done as suggested but still not successful. The logo is still not rendering. Please why is this not working?

Copy and paste the URL i have provided. It works fine when i use it.

Thanks. I have seen my mistake. It worked.

If you are using firefox ,clicking copy image location will not give you the URL. Instead right-click image, click view image info, a dialog will appear and then copy the URL next to location. What i described below works in chrome.

You are awesome nibble. Thanks for setting my difficulty straight.

Please what is your take on the work generally? What needs improvement. What can I do better?

It looks great but you haven’t made it mobile responsive. You can also create another topic under Project Feedback to get more people look at it and provide you with constructive feedback. Happy coding!

Thanks nibble. You’ve been wonderful