Landing Page, improve me please!

Hi guys!
Please have a check at my coffee beanery landing page.
Please don’t mind the contents that much. I just want to have honest criticisms and suggestions on how to improve my work. Have a look!

hi @ckrchanuu
its goodjob.

good luck with your projects.

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Thanks, I’m really happy with the outcome of this project. I learned a lot just today. Have a good one too!

I really like it. I wasnt keen on the font style at the start but it grew on me.

Thanks for the feedback! Mind if I ask a question? I’ve been learning deeply about media queries. I’m still just fond of using max-width for the queries I use. I am always curious as to what is the best way to put the right media query size: px for any project.
I’ve observed that the first element to become unresponsive is the best sign for me to then use that particular width size as a basis for my query.
I’m sorry for my english, I hope to explain it enough.