Landing page project - Media query and flexbox issu (Solved)

Hey there,

I just decided to create a post for the people struggling with the landing page project, because I didn"t find any solution like this one which is working.

For some reasons, when working on our own code editor using the script link, the media query (14) and flexbox (15) requirements never turn as completed.
I’ve been struggling trying to fix this for 1h30, because I have my ocd’s, and even if the website was perfectly responsive and nice, I needed to see the green 16/16 .

So one extremly simple solution when you’re sure that you’ve set up a media query in your css file and used the “display: flex” at least once is to copy your html and CSS (don’t forget to remove the script link from your html) in the CodePen editor. Then save and copy / past your link in the checking area of the FreeCodeCamp project page.

I did that, and it miraculously turned green for those two (last) points.

I hope this post will help some people. Just wrote that after solving my problem and it feels like a huge release haha !

alert(“Have a good day/night ! :grin:”)
(PS: Forgive my mistakes if I did some, english is not my native language :fr:)