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Hello everyone, i’m a high school student and i wanna be a mobile dev ( mobile apps & mobile games (2D). Should i learn Java or Javascript. Thanks so much and best wishes for you guys !

To a large extent, it doesn’t matter. You’ll probably learn multiple languages in the next few years as you study to become a developer. Java and JavaScript work differently, but have a lot in common and once you learn one the other is relatively easy to learn. I would recommend choosing based off of what is going to be more accessible. If your school has a programming class, then learn whatever they’re teaching. If you have a friend who is learning a programming language, learn the same one so that you can help each other. If you’re on your own for now and using free online resources, then freeCodeCamp is really good and it teaches JavaScript.

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Thank you so much ! Can i ask one more question ? Is Java good for 2d game development ??

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