Can someone here help with my java programming?

i just started java progreamming and need to knoe how can we greate a simple games using this language ?
need to hoe bto enter shapes lefgt them look like buttons andmore of smart phone kind if stuff! gamew smore specifically
please guide me with the proper steps to followfor aur game development carier!
am just a starter now!

Hey, how long have you been coding with java? Do you have experiences with any other programming language? Although its good that you have a long term goal, I always recommend first to learn the basics of the programming language before starting with a game. You could just follow tutorials on Youtube but i don’t think thats the way to go. First the basics and then you can learn more specific about game developement. I think since your alread interested in simple games and apps the book " Head First Java" could be the best way to get into it.


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