Game Development Courses

Hello coders,

I am looking for some good online courses for game development. Books, tutorial videos and other resources also work.

Can anyone suggest some good material to get started with on my own?

Any information and help is appreciated.



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Hi Hanna.
Fabled Demo here. We’re making an educational programme for new game developers. Please come and see our FB page, like it and then we’ll ask you to evaluate some of the tutorials we’re designing at the moment. How’s that sound to you?
All the best, Nick.

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Holy crap that link is gold. I do wish there was an iOS development guide as that is the platform I use and I’d like develop for if I ever decide to mess around with mobile.

This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

Hello Nick,

That sounds great! Will definitely check you guys out and participate in any way I can!

Thanks for sharing!



I haven’t completed these courses so I can only vouch for them so much, but the Ben Tristem courses on Udemy are pretty good in my experience. there are courses for Unity with C#, Unreal Engine with C++, and 3d modelling in blender. I got pretty far in the 3d modelling course and it was absolutely great.
Just don’t pay more than $10 on a course on udemy, theres always some coupon or deal going on.

There’s also a site that has been sponsoring a lot of youtubers lately called skillshare, its similar to udemy but subscription based. I haven’t tried any of their courses out yet, but they look pretty good, and by clicking the link from a sponsored youtuber you can get a 2 month free trial.

Edit: I forgot this free Javascript one thats a simple getting your feet wet course. The teacher makes youtube videos where he codes classic games in under 5 minutes in javascript. He really makes it seem easy and its pretty encouraging.

the teacher in action:

his free udemy course:

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This is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing those resources!

Hello Hanna,

To get started with Game Development, you first start from online tutorial.

Once you are done with the course you can easily develop game by yourself.
You will also get certification on completion of the course.

Hope this will help you learning Game Development.

Happy Learning. All the best !