Game programming: where to go from here?

Hello FCC’s people. I’ve been learning JS on and off for a year now, and never really got outside the FCC box. I’ve did all the Frontend challenges/projects and really enjoyed it at the time.

I think my main concern is that I don’t know what to do next. I know I could imagine some kind of app project and make up website, but I guess that’s just not my thing…

On the other hand, I really enjoy programming, in general, and that’s new for me as this door was closed shut for the most part of my life.

I was part of a small gamedev team last year that sadly failed, but really had a blast working on pixel art, assets and programming a bit too. I would consider going this way as this seems more enjoyable to me than doing apps/websites. This is a pastime thing only, i’m not looking to work in this field.

Is there anything for me out there ? I’d love to hang with people that are starting out or have some experience in indie game development. I know it’s out of FCC scope but if there’s something alike, aimed at gamedev, I would greatly appreciate it.

TLDR : I want to level up my programming skills by doing games, or be part of a gamedev team, where should I go from here ?


Thanks a lot @P1xt ! You are right in your assumptions :slight_smile: I did look around and thought it’d be a good idea to learn c# and head on Unity, but I really think I need to focus on JS for the time being and get better at it, even thought it must be hard to make game logic with vanilla JS (I think that’s why you referred to Typescript).

I’m lucky to have an art background, so I can skim some stuff from this list, But I definitely need to start from the ground & up when talking about game coding and logic.

coursera gamedev specialization

a couple of links that may interest you


@P1xt I did the intro to JS yesterday and thought it was way too easy, but today i’m in Advanced JS: Games & Visualizations and find it just fine! It really explains stuff I wish I knew when I first played with Phaser, a year ago.

I’ll make it through and let you know of my progress, thanks again for all theses ressources !

Update, i’m still on the natural simulations, and I think I’ve spent 2 days figuring out noise maps with perlin noise. This is so different from what i’m used to that it took that much. I’m now starting vectors :slight_smile: This is really great, not just for game development but for general knowledge too, and I strongly recommend it for anybody wanting to push a bit further !

Why is Typescript so important for larger games?

There are people arguing against classical inheritance. I’m a newbie, so I’m just asking. I’ve learned a bit of Java but not enough to appreciate the power, or the lack of it, of that type of programming. In fact, I prefer the javascript way. Now, another question. How one can really get to think in a object oriented way? I always go to solve problems in a procedural way. Maybe only larger projects force us to do things differently, in order to reuse code.

Thank you! I learnt a bit of Typescript trying to follow a tutorial on Angular 2.

@P1xt I’ve almost completed the Natural Simulations (whoa!) and it was quite hard. I’m not much of a Math guy, althought it is very interesting, I really feel I should have listened a bit more in school hehe. I’m pretty sure I’ll need to make this more than once to really grasp all formulaes !

One alternative to Phaser I find is Superpowers, and it comes with Typescript right from the start, plus some goodies that Phaser still don’t have.