What type of language to use?

I’ve recently decided that I would like to build simulators, such as the game Sims, or an air pilot simulator for instance. Also I have just started, I am currently working on front-end with HTML,'CSS. Can someone recommend a programming language similar for this work?

I have almost no experience in this, but a good, ressourceful place to start are the Unity tutorials. While you can get something going with javascript, it would be best to start learning C# for game development.

I strongly think Freecodecamp can greatly helps you getting a headstart in programming, making the whole switch to C# will be much easier after that.

Both programming languages sure are different, but the basics principles are alike to almost all programming languages.

Good luck :smiley:

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Thanks I appreciate that!

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You could program those sims in any language you like. So feel free to try different languages. Of course if you desire to complete FCC than maybe you should stick with javascript. There are many good libraries for making games in js. http://phaser.io is a fantastic 2d framework to get your feet wet.

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Thank you for the feedback!

You may find Program Arcade Games and helpful jumping off point.

It’s in Python and it starts with teaching you programming logic and builds up to making simple games.

It won’t enable you to learn fancy 3D graphics and stuff, but it’ll help you with the programming side of things. You could also look at Pygame once you’ve done that (there are some easy-to-follow) tutorials for creating simple platform games around).

Then C# and Unity would be the way to go if you wanted to learn more acceptable appearing games, as @Mizu suggests.

Check out examples of people’s FCC Game of Life simulations, or their dungeon crawlers too! You can do some sweet things with JS these days :slight_smile:

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hey Its me! Im from that discord server! :smiley:

Also… keep in mind that whatever language you choose. Even if it may not have the best game showcase. It only takes one person to make it a language worth learning.

I’ve been messing around with Phaser.io. Its pretty fun. :slight_smile:

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I just checked out Phaser.io! Oh, wow, that looks great. I can’t wait to tinker with that :slight_smile:

Thanks @zcassini!

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maybe you might be interested in http://codeincomplete.com/games/ (about 80% done) .

The idea is add functionalities:

My version is just a delta-style prototype. The graphics are actually ripped from the R-Type arcade game, and the gameplay is limited to just the basics. What’s missing that would make this a real game:

Power Ups
More Alien Variety
More Graphics

I am currently reading the code :slight_smile:

Hey guys thanks a lot for the replies. Appreciate it