Will Free Code Camp Help Me Achieve?

I feel I have a good grasp on HTML and a mid-level grasp on some CSS, JavaScript confuses me a bit, but I am learning it at my own pace. I use to program inside a program called Game Maker and it used its own programming language called GML(Game Maker Language) I feel like it has a lot in common with JavaScript and wanted to know if by doing a lot of the FCC courses will I eventually be able to apply what I learn here and possibly make an HTML 5 video game? I saw a guy on the forums make a dungeon crawler and it blew my mind and I would really love to learn how to do that. Since Video games are a huge passion of mine.

Not sure if this in the right spot either

I don’t think challenges is the right spot, so I re-categorized it to the spot dealing with FCC itself, if someone knows a better spot, please move it there. FCC will help you learn JavaScript which you can then use to make games with it. I would definitely suggest doing the front-end challenges/projects to improve your html, css, and javascript skills which you will probably need. Here is a great post from @P1xt, click the arrow on top to read it all.

FCC will help you learn JS good which you can use in games, but it is not really intended to teach game programming. The dungeon crawler game is a project intended to demonstrate use of React, a front-end framework used for creating single-page apps.

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What will Free Code Camp help you achieve?

I just went to a Medical hackathon this weekend. As basically the sole programmer on the team, I created a client, server, Front-end, interfaced with a MongoDB and did this all in 20 hours and won 2nd place. I have also had a job interview on Friday that went well. I have an application in with a major industrial company that has some really cool next level mobile app stuff going on.

It has helped me achieve my dreams. But again, it only helps there has to be that fire in your belly.

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I enjoy programming but there are so many languages and stuff to do I find myself always jumping between things. I’m also the kind of guy that wants to learn everything so I dabble in all sorts of stuff. Instead of just sticking to one thing and getting a good basic concept of it. I feel like i understand, HTML and CSS very well but java script not so much yet. I just know what all the terms are atm.

tbh I’m just at a point in my life where I’m super stressed out and want to finally start a career job I don’t hate. But I’m hesitant to apply for jobs in Front End Webpage design or even making basic android apps. Since I always have to look up stuff on the internet or watch tutorials to figure things out because I don’t think I know enough.