FFC but for Game Dev?

So I wasn’t sure on how I wanted to word this or the title. But I am really trying to learn programming. My main goal is to make video games mainly HTML5/Mobile games. But I have done tons of research and I know that game development is something incredibly hard to get into. Plus you need to know a lot more math and various other things opposed to making applications. But I decided to not go with learning Unity and C# or C++ not because they are hard or Idk where to start but because, If i can’t get a job in the industry that is so competitive. I wanted to still be able to get a job programming…which is why I am here. Why I chose FCC and web development / HTML5 game development as a hobby. Now my question…is this a dumb idea? I really want to be a game developer so I figured I could make games in HTML5 and publish them to mobile. But during the day I could have a job as a web developer since it is an easier to get that role then a game dev. And I could be practicing JS the entire time. What do you guys think?

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Ofc it’s not a dumb idea. If you want to develop games with html5 and canvas you are in the right place. I am not sure how difficult it is to be game dev but if that’s your passion and you really want to be one, I would say you should take traditional path and go with c++, unity and physics. Nothing is too “hard” as long as you are doing what you love and they will come along :slight_smile:

FCC is fine to get going with programming in general. As you know, its core curriculum focuses on web development, but this is a fine place to start to get the basics down, and basic knowledge of how the web works.

Making games in HTML5/javascript is totally possible, and only gets easier every day due to new capabilities being added to browsers. Now onto the few things to take note of.

  1. Javascript isn’t the best “game” language. Odds are if you ever went to be a full game developer you would need to know another language (either be C++, C#, or another language). I personally don’t hear JS being used for professional game development, probably because its primary use case of single-threaded, IO heavy applications doesn’t match well with most CPU, graphic intensive games.

  2. Programming is programming. If you don’t start somewhere you wont have any chance being a game developer. Its far more important to get a good basis with programming than anything else at this point in time.

  3. Libraries like Phaserjs, three.js, pixi.js all prove that building games/graphics in web technologies is very possible.

  4. Combine what your learning, with what you want to learn. There are plenty of ways to get into game development while using web technologies (check out the libs I mentioned above). Stuff like learning physics, math, graphics, and game logic are all “extra” things you wont learn from FCC (or web development in general). So looking into all those extra topics should be a great place to start during, or after you get the basics or programming down.

Goodluck :smiley:

PS. I wanted to be a game dev for a while, then I made a game and found it to be a crap ton of work. (And the game kinda sucked haha)

Is a good IDEA ¿FreeCodeGame?