Will i get to make games at one point

Will I eventually get to make games?

yup. ping pong is a beginner level javascript project you can do when you get more familiar.

Will I get to make complex apps

if you look at the end of the curriculum you will see the take home projects section that lets you build lots of things that combine many fairly complex technologies

Thanks, I’ll take a look

If you follow Free Code Camp News, there are often tutorials about creating games. Learn to create a 2D platformer game using the Godot game engine was just published today.

Do you know of any websites that will teach you to make games

Is ALL of fcc just focused on web development.

the curriculum, yes
the youtube videos, no

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I imagine that you are looking to make console games. If that is the case, you will probably want to start learning C++ and unity or similar engine. www.codecademy.com has a pretty decent c++ starter course.

Freecodecamp is focused on web development using mostly javascript.