Laptops for Programming

I am looking to buying a laptop for programming because I have to switch between home and office very often - so desktop is not a good option. Someone recommended a list of Amazon best selling laptops, but I am not sure if they are good enough for programming. Has anyone used any of them yet?

Macbook? Or any second hand cheap Dell or HP with Linux Mint or Ubuntu will do. If you like Windows go for it then… For programming, you will be fine with almost anything so buy what you like and can afford it.

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It depends on what you will be doing but for general purpose,

I say get at least 128gb of SSD, 8gb of RAM and i5 core of laptop.

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Thanks, I was thinking about Macbook Pro, but it is too expensive to me. So I am considering Dell.

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These configs should do

Honestly any decent laptop will be fine. I suggest going to Best Buy (or whatever) and actually playing with some. You really want a comfortable keyboard and should think about the balance of bulk vs screen size for you. Make a list of ones you like and then read up on their reliability.

I recently bought a MacBook Air (2018 model, i5, 256GB, 8GB), after years of working on a MacBook Pro. I like the Air. It’s good enough for programming for websites, for using MAMP, developing for Wordpress, etc. The screen is very good and it’s a lightweight, so good for travel, even inside my own house :grinning:

And it has this button to log into the laptop and into sites with my fingerprint. Love it!

If you’re traveling with the laptop a lot, consider getting an extended warranty for it through something like SquareTrade, and pricing that in to your budget. The default manufacturer warranty on a cheap laptop is virtually guaranteed to leave you high and dry.

At least you need SSD 128GB, 8-12GB of RAM and i3 or i5 core of laptop.

Do you have a preference in Windows or Apple?

You can buy laptop of brand Dell. Its performance is good and High storage capacity

using aspire 5 laptops . its great for normal use

For programming specifiek? anything above a potato will basicly do.

I have a macbook 13 retina 2015 for my normal work but need something that will let me program in vb. Net under visual studio without watching paint dry…

I am happy for a refurbished windows laptop… Any suggestions ideally under £400 as that will be it only job?

Before you ask I can’t use a virtual Windows enviroment on my macbook as the screen is failing and too expensive to fix…